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Adopt don’t shop!

Opening up your home to an adopted pet gives the dog the opportunity to be a loving and well cared for home. It is also freeing up spots in our pounds which all know can cause a dog quite alot of stress. 

When you adopt a dog you know you are getting a dog that is socialised, been checked by a vet, has been desexed, vaccinated, have been assessed for their behaviour and are selected to suit you, your home and family.

Adopting older dogs also are  already house trained and have basic manners down pat.

But if you’re up to the challenge, a rescue can find you a puppy as well.

Adopting a dog can often be significantly cheaper than buying a puppy. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process of adoption?

When you feel you are ready to adopt a new dog please apply via our online form for adoption. We will then consider you for adopting a dog of your choice or whom maybe close to where you live.

How long does adoption take?

The adoption process can be lengthy. It depends on the availability of a dog and the suitability of each candidate. We strive to ensure we match the right dog with the right owners. Please bare this in mind when you begin the process.

What happens after i'm approved?

Once you have been approved as an adopter we will then try to match you with a dog that suits your situation and meets the dogs needs. We will arrange for a meet and greet with the foster family and start the ball rolling from there.

Can i adopt an interstate dog?

Yes you can apply to adopt an interstate dog. Preference will be given to the best suited family for the dog. If you are successful and adopt an interstate based dog, transport costs are the responsibility of the family wishing to adopt. These are on top of the rehoming fees.


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